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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1922. Find a Lost iPhone

When my iPhone fell into the cushions of my sofa, I spent hours trying to find it. I tried calling it, but the ringer was off (of course). That didn’t help. Is there some mechanism for locating the phone even if the ringer is off?

We get asked this one a lot because I guess a lot of people lose their phones in the sofa. There is one requirement to solving the problem you have to know your Apple ID and password. If you don't know those figure it out now before there's a crisis.

To confirm you've got the information right go to and attempt to log in if you can you're all set. Then on the phone go to the Settings, click at the top where you see your name then choose iCloud and tap Find My iPhone. Turn on the Find My iPhone setting and with this enabled you'll be able to locate a lost phone.

Then on every I.O.S device you own for example another iPhone or a tablet. You should download the find iPhone app.

Given this any I O. S. device can locate any other I O. S. device that signed into the same iCloud account. You can also use the services that to locate your devices

Finally to answer the question the find iPhone app or the same functionality and can play a sound on your phone or tablets even if the ringer or the volume is turned down. That way you can find your phone buried in the sofa cushions. You can also erase the device if it's actually lost somewhere and you don't want people to see the data.

Probably overkill for a phone lost in the sofa but if you have sensitive data on your phone and you lose it, the ability to be able to erase it remotely is very useful and it's only available using the Find My iPhone feature.

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