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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1926. Font size control

I use Outlook and I have trouble with reading the emails because of the font. How can I control not only the font sizes I create but when I receive an email with small font to easily make it bigger?

In earlier versions of Windows the font size of emails was not controlled in Outlook. Now you can. Depending on which version of Outlook, go to the Options section, then Mail, Stationary and Fonts.

You can set the font and size for new email, and Reply's and Forwards. You can also set the size for composing and replying to text messages.

The really good news if you have a mouse with a wheel option, is you can easily control the font size of the incoming email. This is a great feature as over time everything seems to be getting smaller. When you open the email simply click your mouse in the email, and spin the wheel up or down to change the size of the font. It does not save this information so you have to do it for each email,

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