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Sunday, July 1, 2018

1927. Contrast

My eyes are having dificulty in seeing various shades of font especially in a web site. How can I make this text easy to read.

What I suggest in Windows 10 is to go to Settings, Ease of Access.

This section provides Display options, Cursor and pointer size (especially good when you hover over different color areas, Yes when you hover the mouse over a white area it will turn black, a black area white. What a great concept. Magnifier, Color Filters and Narrator.

But the section I found most helpful is the High Contrast section. You can use a High Contrast theme that has already been set up. These include a High White and black themes as well as others. You can also take a theme and customize it with your own changes and save it.

So if you have problems with certain colors you can change parameters that will give you the best visual presentation. Some negatives can occur when you select these themes. Some applications simply do not display as expected. You may need to work with the settings but it definitely has helped my screen usage. There are many options in this section. Take the time to look it over.

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