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Monday, October 1, 2018

1941. Application support help on the internet? - Quiken

A friend needed some help with their Quicken program, and decided to call Quiken support. TheyGoogled Quicken Support and found what they thought was official Intuit (Quicken not still owned by Intuit) but in fack called a support group expert that said they were Quicken support. They were just somebody claiming being the Quiken group. Now they have a $400+ credit card bill, missing bank data and a new Gmail email address that the group has hijacked. What can be done to get all of thos fixed?

There are so many lessons to be learned.
1. Make sure you call the official product support, not just the results of a Google search. In a Google search you may see a number of results all saying they are Quicken support, but they are really private support companies. Look at the URL that you are going to go to. If you think you are going to the official Microsoft support site it most likely should have Microsoft,com in the URL. Even if Microsoft is in the URL, it should be the name next to the extension of .COM or .NET. If the URL is this is not a Mircosoft URL.
2. NEVER let them access your computer without absolute confirmation that they are the official company. How do you verify this? That may be difficult. But asking them directly will give you some confidence. Look at the URL.
3. Don't have them "help" you get a new email address. Don't let them see your bank account information. Even if they are your Mother.

Sadly legitimate support companies are hurt by these scams, that often are just interested in gaining access to your computer.

Clark Howard as you have heard on KNCO, strongly recommends that any work you do with banking, you use a separate inexpensive computer that is solely used for banking to minimize any additional risks. Keep this offline for all but minimal use.

1940. Identify missing/corrupt files.

How can I find missing or corrupt files on my Windows computer?

Many computer problems are caused by corrupted system files. If your Windows 10 installation is corrupted, you’ll encounter instability issues and all sorts of other problems. Fortunately, there are few ways to fix corrupted/missing system files on Windows 10.

So if you are experiencing these types of problems you should try some of these tools.

There is a link on the blog to take you to details on these tools, but we will discuss two commands to try before throwing your computer in the trash.

Press the Windows key + X.  This will open the Menu for tools.  Choose Command Prompt (admin).  Then enter SFC /SCANNOW

This will scan the disk and possibly fix corrupted files.  But not all files can be fixed this way.

You can also run a chkdsk /f command that will attempt to fix disk problems.  This command may require you to reboot so it can run the program before Windows starts up.  This can take some time so be prepared to have your computer down for at least 1 hour.

1939. Clean up open Windows

I often have many window open and sometimes I just want to remove the clutter. Any easy way.

When the Windows concept was developed I was always having trouble managing the windows. Sometimes I long for the DOS/OS2 world but that tends to show my age.

All of these windows to sort thru. How many times have you tried to schroll down your window and you actually click another window and now you have to sort thru them to find the window you were working on. Well for me there were many of these experiences.

Windows 10 has a great feature allowing you to create multiple desktops. That feature helps to organize multiple windows but can still create a cluttered desktop.

Windows 7 and all versions since make it easy to un-clutter the desktop by clicking the mouse on the top of the Window and hold the left mouse button down and shake the window. This feature is called Aero Shake. All of the windows in this desktop open will minimize. Leaving the window you are working on the only one open.

If you want all of those windows to be returned to there open position, simply shake the open window again and they will all open.

1938. TeamViewer alternative - FREE?

I use Teamviewer to help people with computer problems. Is there anything in Windows 10 to do this?

Yes there is an application built into Windows 10 that performs the funtions of applications like TeamViewer, and other Remote computer connection products.

It is called Quick Assist. Click on the Windows icon and start typing Quick Assist. At the top of the menu will be that application. Select it.

It will then ask if you want to get or give assistance. You will need a Microsoft email address to Give Assistance.

You will then be given a secrity code. The person that gets assistance will click that option and you will give them the security code.

We suggest you contact a friend and try out the Quick Assist feature.

1937. Apple ID Recovery

I have a problem - I forgot my AppleID password. How do I recover?

The key to recovering your AppleID password is to know the phone number and email address associated with the AppleID when you created it. You also selected some questions and answers.

Apple uses these to help you recover your account. So please remember the email address and phone number. Apple will send to your email address or text to your phone information to use to make them believe you are the real person associated to the AppleID.

Those question/answer methods are also a way to verify you are the correct person. If you have changed your email address or telephone number since you got your AppleID then you may have a problem.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID, you can reset your password from any trusted iPhone, iPad, Pod touch, or Mac with a password or passcode that's enabled

So remember the email address and telephone number and you will be able to get into your Apple account.

1936. Email application is slow.

Some clients using Outlook and other email applications (not browser access) have really slow response and it takes a long time to open their account. Are there any typical problems to look for?

One of the major problems I see is the amount of mail in their inbox. Having many, many folders is also a problem. I have seen Inboxes with over 10K emails. This will cause a significant slowdown both when first starting Outlook or when synchronizing the send/receive feature.

I have to ask "What in the world do they do with 10K emails in the Inbox?" How do you find things. The first thing the email application does when it starts up it to synchronize the folders. Usually the Inbox is first. So to insure you see all your new mail and it is showing with the Read/UnRead indication, there is a lot of work that needs to take place. Remember you may have accessed your mail via your smartphone or other computer. So the email application must sort through everything to make sure what you have is the correct version of your mail. So it takes a long time especially over the Internet connection.

If you use a browser to access your mail, it only needs to look at the first page of data for the Inbox.

Think of your email as a filing cabinet. You always mark the cabinet drawers so you can make it easier to find things. The same thing applies to email. Sort your mail into folders that make sense to you. Then move the mail to those folders. Minimize the amount of mail that is in your inbox. And organize the mail by folders.

1935. Cell calls over WIFI.

Sometimes I want to make a phone call but don't have much of a cell signal. I know this generally doesn't happen as much in big cities, but out here in the woods, it's a constant problem. I do generally have a decent wifi signal. Is it possible to use that connection to make a phone call?

This is definitely a concern in our local area. I know Verizon has the best coverage here. I'm using Tmobile and although they've definitely improved their coverage there are places where I just don't have many bars.

On the other hand most places I go have WIFI and if I want to make a call Tmobile makes this easy. There's a setting on my phone I can select which allows me to place calls over WIFI. I believe all of the major carriers now support this feature using Wi-Fi to make your calls. Generally provides just as good or better coverage than you get using the cellular signal and what's more if you have a limited plan. and there aren't many of these left, but if you do have a limited plan that limits the number of minutes you get on your calls you won't be using any of those minutes while you're making a WIFI call. 

You definitely can make calls over WIFI it's just a matter of turning the feature on your phone. Once you do that you can make calls even where you don't have a cellular signal.

1934. Hide email until later.

I like to keep my email inbox tidy. Sometimes, I'll get an email that I just don't want to deal with until later; maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. Is there some way to hide an email, and have it reappear as a new email at a later date?

I do this all the time. This feature is generally called "snooze". That is you're causing an email to be "snoozed" until a later date or time.

I use MacMail and there's an add-in for MacMail called Mail Butler that I like a lot and it has a snooze feature built in. GMail recently added this feature for free for all of its users as long as you use email in a web browser. 

Snoozing allows you to take an email hide it until a later date or time and then have it reappear in your inbox as if it was a new email at that time so if I get an email on Thursday that I want to deal with on Monday but I don't want sitting in my inbox all that time I can right click on it choose to snooze and have it come back at a date and time that I select.

Not all mail providers support this you can do this sort of thing in Outlook for example but it requires a lot of effort. On the other hand if you use Gmail you have this feature for free. You may have to look up how to do it, but it's very easy. If you're using MacMail you can look at a feature called Boomerang or Mail Butler. both add-ins for MacMail. To make this possible look up snooze for your email provider or email client and see if the feature is available. I use a lot and like it.

1933. Wireless modem router name and security.

When my ISP installed my wireless router and modem, they set up the wireless network name and password. When friends come over and want to use my wireless network, I always have to find the information to give them, and it's a lot of effort. Can I change the network name and password?

Although the various ISP'S. like AT&T and Comcast have made it easier to hand out information about your wireless network there's no reason why you're forced to keep the information they set up originally.

First of all the information they give you is generally printed on a sticker on your router which means that should anyone get into your home they can just turn over the router and get the information to break into your network. Not a good idea. So you actually should change the name of your network and the password. To do that it generally involves logging into your device from a browser on your computer and then manually changing the settings. If you're uncomfortable doing that you can ask a more tech savvy friend, but it's a very simple thing to do using the information printed on the router itself. 

So you have two things you actually need to change. You need to change the password to get into your router and then you need to change your wireless network name and password to something you can remember, and that a criminal who happened to break in your home or one to use your wireless network wouldn't happen to know. It's simple to do but it does require a few steps. You can always ask your wireless internet provider for information on how to do that as well.

1931. Email service help.

I've heard you mention services that look at your email, and help with various mail services, like removing you automatically from email lists. This makes me nervous. Is it safe?

Over the years I've signed up for a lot of services that were free that promise to go through my mail and make decisions for me or help me with various tasks. One of them is Trip It, which will keep track of reservations I've made I'm airlines or at hotels so I can go to one place to see them all. Another one was which would attempt unroll me from various mailing lists. Both of those services ask you to provide your mail credentials that allows them to log into your mail service. And they then use those credentials to walk through your mail and do stuff for you. At one point I thought, oh who cares, I don't mind. I'll let them look. But over the years it's become more and more difficult to allow them to do that. Basically if you're getting a service for free you're paying for it somewhere else. They're using your data for one reason or another. A big problem came when was actually found to be using data it retrieved from email accounts to do stuff with. In other words at this point I would definitely say do not sign up for any free service that requires access to your mailbox. Sooner or later your mail will be used for purposes you did not intend. Yes, it's great to have someone else be able to peruse your mail and let you know when a package is going to arrive, or sign you up or remove you actually from email lists but it's not worth the risk. Just don't do it.