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Monday, October 1, 2018

1934. Hide email until later.

I like to keep my email inbox tidy. Sometimes, I'll get an email that I just don't want to deal with until later; maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. Is there some way to hide an email, and have it reappear as a new email at a later date?

I do this all the time. This feature is generally called "snooze". That is you're causing an email to be "snoozed" until a later date or time.

I use MacMail and there's an add-in for MacMail called Mail Butler that I like a lot and it has a snooze feature built in. GMail recently added this feature for free for all of its users as long as you use email in a web browser. 

Snoozing allows you to take an email hide it until a later date or time and then have it reappear in your inbox as if it was a new email at that time so if I get an email on Thursday that I want to deal with on Monday but I don't want sitting in my inbox all that time I can right click on it choose to snooze and have it come back at a date and time that I select.

Not all mail providers support this you can do this sort of thing in Outlook for example but it requires a lot of effort. On the other hand if you use Gmail you have this feature for free. You may have to look up how to do it, but it's very easy. If you're using MacMail you can look at a feature called Boomerang or Mail Butler. both add-ins for MacMail. To make this possible look up snooze for your email provider or email client and see if the feature is available. I use a lot and like it.

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