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Monday, October 1, 2018

1935. Cell calls over WIFI.

Sometimes I want to make a phone call but don't have much of a cell signal. I know this generally doesn't happen as much in big cities, but out here in the woods, it's a constant problem. I do generally have a decent wifi signal. Is it possible to use that connection to make a phone call?

This is definitely a concern in our local area. I know Verizon has the best coverage here. I'm using Tmobile and although they've definitely improved their coverage there are places where I just don't have many bars.

On the other hand most places I go have WIFI and if I want to make a call Tmobile makes this easy. There's a setting on my phone I can select which allows me to place calls over WIFI. I believe all of the major carriers now support this feature using Wi-Fi to make your calls. Generally provides just as good or better coverage than you get using the cellular signal and what's more if you have a limited plan. and there aren't many of these left, but if you do have a limited plan that limits the number of minutes you get on your calls you won't be using any of those minutes while you're making a WIFI call. 

You definitely can make calls over WIFI it's just a matter of turning the feature on your phone. Once you do that you can make calls even where you don't have a cellular signal.

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