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Monday, October 1, 2018

1939. Clean up open Windows

I often have many window open and sometimes I just want to remove the clutter. Any easy way.

When the Windows concept was developed I was always having trouble managing the windows. Sometimes I long for the DOS/OS2 world but that tends to show my age.

All of these windows to sort thru. How many times have you tried to schroll down your window and you actually click another window and now you have to sort thru them to find the window you were working on. Well for me there were many of these experiences.

Windows 10 has a great feature allowing you to create multiple desktops. That feature helps to organize multiple windows but can still create a cluttered desktop.

Windows 7 and all versions since make it easy to un-clutter the desktop by clicking the mouse on the top of the Window and hold the left mouse button down and shake the window. This feature is called Aero Shake. All of the windows in this desktop open will minimize. Leaving the window you are working on the only one open.

If you want all of those windows to be returned to there open position, simply shake the open window again and they will all open.

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