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Monday, October 1, 2018

1941. Application support help on the internet? - Quiken

A friend needed some help with their Quicken program, and decided to call Quiken support. TheyGoogled Quicken Support and found what they thought was official Intuit (Quicken not still owned by Intuit) but in fack called a support group expert that said they were Quicken support. They were just somebody claiming being the Quiken group. Now they have a $400+ credit card bill, missing bank data and a new Gmail email address that the group has hijacked. What can be done to get all of thos fixed?

There are so many lessons to be learned.
1. Make sure you call the official product support, not just the results of a Google search. In a Google search you may see a number of results all saying they are Quicken support, but they are really private support companies. Look at the URL that you are going to go to. If you think you are going to the official Microsoft support site it most likely should have Microsoft,com in the URL. Even if Microsoft is in the URL, it should be the name next to the extension of .COM or .NET. If the URL is this is not a Mircosoft URL.
2. NEVER let them access your computer without absolute confirmation that they are the official company. How do you verify this? That may be difficult. But asking them directly will give you some confidence. Look at the URL.
3. Don't have them "help" you get a new email address. Don't let them see your bank account information. Even if they are your Mother.

Sadly legitimate support companies are hurt by these scams, that often are just interested in gaining access to your computer.

Clark Howard as you have heard on KNCO, strongly recommends that any work you do with banking, you use a separate inexpensive computer that is solely used for banking to minimize any additional risks. Keep this offline for all but minimal use.

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