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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1930. How about some Android?

Why don't you talk more about Android? It seems like all your tips are focused on PCs, or on iPhones. Why don't you spend any more time on Android?

Well to be honest neither of us uses Android on a daily basis. I have an Android tablet I look at occasionally and Doug uses with it here and there but we both have iPhones and IOS devices. There's a reason why it's more difficult to talk about Android and that's because the market for Android is so differentiated. Every device is different and every device comes with different software built in and different added programs. It's difficult to make a generic tip about Android because every device is so different. Every IOS device has the same software installed we can guarantee that if you have IOS 12 we know what you have installed so it's easy for us to create tips. It's not that there's anything wrong with Android but to be honest there is something wrong with Android and that is apps you install on Android can come from anywhere. They can have bugs they can have malware installed. They aren't monitored by any big service. Google doesn't care what you put on your phone. When you use IOS, Apple goes through every application that gets submitted to the App Store and does its best to ensure that no malware gets onto your device. There's nothing wrong with Android but it's just difficult for us to make tips about Android because you're Android is different than mine.

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