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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1943. Android to new cell carrier

I have an Android phone and would like to move it to a new cell carrier. Can I just move it, or are there complications?

This issue comes up more and more now especially since each of the 4 major carriers has sub carriers as well that are often cheaper than the main carriers and people want to be able to move their phones from one cell carrier to another.

The answer to the question is it depends. It's always a complicated issue moving your phone from one carrier to another or maybe it's not if you have a G.S.M. phone which is what everybody except for Verizon and Sprint kind of use. Then it's pretty easy. All you need to do is put a new SIM card in and you're all set.

The problem is not every carrier uses the same frequencies. AT&T. and T Mobile have a different set of specialized frequencies and if you want to get the best service for example with T Mobile then you want a phone that is set up to handle those special frequencies. Most modern phones made in the last year or two are set up to handle every set of cell phone consumer frequencies. But older phones may not and you may not get great service

If you have a phone that's on Verizon, however it's unlikely that you can move it to any carrier that uses GPS. In some Verizon phones handle both the technique that Verizon uses to connect and that other carriers use but you'll need to check with the specific phone. In other words it might be easy it might not be easy. Check with your cell phone carrier and your phone's manufacturer to see how difficult it will be to move it to the new carrier.

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