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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1945. What is a Podcast and how do I get it?

A friend told me about a Podcast I should listen to. I don't know what a Podcast is, or how to get them. Can you help?

Even the name podcast is confusing. I'm guessing it came from back in the days when people listen to audio on iPods and other people created audio content for them to listen to on their iPods.

Back in the day, in the ninety's. I was a guest on a podcast called Dot Net Rocks. It was a 1000000 years ago it seems like and these nerds would make this audio content for other nerds to listen to on their iPods. And this has blossomed into an industry where there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available on every topic available.

For example I recently came across one called One West Wing Weekly where one of the actors on the original show West Wing does an episode based on each of the West Wing episodes and they discuss in gory detail what happened and why on that episode of West Wing.

There were 6 seasons of West Wing so they're probably still working on that. In any case whatever you're interested in pottery, cooking, politics, art, or music you can find podcast online \.

That will give you information about what you're interested in if you want to listen to them on your phone or your tablet there are apps for those devices. I use one on IOS called overcast which I like a lot. There is an podcast built in the IOS you can try that as well and there's tons of apps written for Android as well.

If you're on a Windows P.C. or a Mac. You may find iTunes from Apple to be convenient. It's an easy way to find podcast content and then to download it and listen to it so for small devices there are podcast apps built in and for larger computers iTunes is a great way to find and listen to podcasts.

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