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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1947. What is USB-C?

I keep hearing about USB C and don't know what that's about. Can you explain?

Universal Serial Bus has been a common standard for the last I think, 15 years. You've all seen the USB A ports on your computers and other devices. There the little rectangular things you plug things into like chargers or connections or printers or other things you connect to your computer, There have been various different standards for USB connectors but the C is the latest one and it has some special features.

The USB C connectors are omni-directional. You can turn them over and they still work. You don't have to get it exactly right when you try to plug it in. You know the pain of trying to insert a USB A connector and realizing it's upside down which of course happens 50 percent of the time with USB C, that isn't a problem. USB C transfers data many times faster than USB A and it's become a standard for data connections and charging because USB C also supports those high powered device charging. So if you have a machine whether it's a computer or a tablet or a phone that doesn't currently support a USB C connection it's likely that when you replace it, it will.

This has become a standard so that if I take my computer on the road and forget the charger I can likely find another one that someone has even if it's not the same manufacturer because they both use USB C for charging, This is a good thing and finally will make it possible for different manufacturers to share the same charging capability.

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