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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1948. What is a proxy script?

I am using Chrome and sometimes I see the message at the bottom saying "downloading proxy scripts" and it takes forever. What is the problem?

So here’s the thing: First what is a proxy script? Bottom line it is a way your computer connects to the internet. It can be direct or via a set of instructions.

The next time your browser crawls, glance in the bottom left edge of the browser. Does it say: “Downloading Proxy Script?” If so, here’s a quick fix to make your browser stop this and just load your websites.

Windows button, type internet options, open, Connections tab, LAN settings, Uncheck automatically detect settings.

If that doesn't work:

1. Try Incognito mode. Chrome options, New Incognito. If you no longer see this issue, disable extensions one by one to check which extension is causing the issue.

2. If the issue still persists, reset Chrome settings.

3. If the above steps don't work, create a new user.

4. Also, try toggling hardware acceleration: Go to Chrome Menu > Click Settings > Click Show Advanced Settings > Under 'System' uncheck/check Use hardware acceleration when available > Restart Chrome.

One of these ways should fix the problem. .!msg/chrome/-8qMROT3EFY/zRH-HQMBDHMJ

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