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Monday, November 12, 2018

1951. AOL upgrade to another email system

I have been using AOL email since 1902. I have seen other people's emails and they have some feature AOL doesn't seem to have. How can I change but still save my email, contacts, and calendar information? I also have many shortcuts and links in my AOL browser. I have to be able to keep them.

This basically allows you to change your email from an AOL to any more modern email hosts.

1. Get your new address.

2. Notify friends and others of your new address.

3. Set the AOL account to forward mail to the new address.

4. Set up an automatic out-of-office message in AOL.

5. You can have Gmail and other accounts set up an automatic "fetcher" that will get email from up to 5 other accounts.

6. you can export calendar, and contacts from AOL and import them to most email accounts.

7. Don't forget to go to all your banks, websites and change your email address. You can also export your links in the AOL browser so you can import them into your current browser like Chrome, Internet explorer, or Safari on your Mac.

Not everyone should or needs to do this switch but if you do there are easy ways to make it happen. And if you have been paying for your AOL email you won't need to anymore. If you don't want to switch see our tip #1952 and save $20+ a month. AOL mail has been free for over a year.

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