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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1954. Informed Delivery

We recently talked about the US Postal Service's service that emails you a photo of each mail piece that you're going to get each day. Is this still available?

Funny about this when we 1st discussed it Doug was a little skeptical and was worried that the US Postal Service would be getting information about my mail because I had set this up that it shouldn't have. But the fact is the U.S. Postal Service has always photographed every piece of mail or at least in recent history and the service only sends you those pictures to make it easy for you to know what's coming in your mail and make choices about whether to schlep out your mailbox and get the mail or not.

But recently I heard about a scam involved in this service which makes it imperative that you sign up for this service. The service is called Informed Delivery. You can search online for that the problem is if you don't sign up for informed delivery at your address some scammer can and then some crook then is able to see what mail you're about to get.

If you're going to get a check for example they could then go to your mailbox and steal your mail. It sounds far fetched but this has happened already. So if you're connected to the Internet and if you receive mail at home I suggest you do sign up for Informed Delivery at the U.S. Postal Service so you get information about the mail that's going to be delivered to you instead of someone else.

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