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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1957. EKG feature

I heard that the new Apple Watch supposedly includes an EKG somehow. I can't find it. What's up?

When Apple announced the new Apple Watch for earlier this year, they announced it would have some very useful features especially for us old folks. There is a feature and that was easy to find where if you happen to fall down or have a hard fall and don't get right up it will call 911 for you. I appreciate that haven't fallen yet but you never know.

They also advertised that the watch would include an E.K.G. That is the ability to have a heart monitor record your heartbeat. I don't know what it is, I'm not a doctor, but it's certainly something that I've done in the hospital before and I'd love to have one on my watch.

Unfortunately it wasn't there when the Apple Watch 4 first shipped. As of the time we are recording this tip however that software was released on this very day and I am downloading it this very minute as we record this tip.

So if you have an Apple Watch 4 and you haven't yet gotten the latest version of the watch software which at this moment is 5.1.2 then you should because it does include an E.K.G. as part of its software.

Maybe will report in later how it works but if you need that functionality and who doesn't download the latest version of the watch OS. and give it a try.

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