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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1958. What is 5G and not the 5.0 Mhz WIFI

I still can't get decent internet service at home. I've heard something about 5G. Will this help?

Currently our cell phones use a service called 4G. which is 4th generation cell phone service and it gets pretty decent speeds and it's available pretty much everywhere. Even here out in the country we have 4G. service from all of the major carriers.

Unfortunately 4G. service is limited to how many people can connect at the same time and how much data they can consume concurrently. So there really isn't any way for the cell phone providers to use their cell towers and the cell signal to let us use for a 4G service for home Internet with any kind of bandwidth that we want to use oat home.

You wouldn't be able to stream video for example, for very long before consuming all of the bandwidth they have.

5G. or the 5th generation service is due to be launched very soon, maybe already by the time you hear this.

Various companies including Verizon, Sprint , AT&T. T-mobile are are all planning 5G. service in our area at some point. 5G. service provides basically unlimited throughput. So when for Verizon or whoever else comes through Verizon looks like they're going to do it 1st comes through with home 5 G. service.

Even if you're out in the woods as long as you have cell phone service that's reliable you should be able to get the 5G. throughput which is very fast certainly capable of streaming video making audio phone calls and letting you do what every work you want to do on the Internet without bandwidth or throughput caps.

So yes 5 G. service once it's available, will make it easier for you to get high speed internet service wherever you live. I must add the warning that there are those who believe that the signal used by 5G. service is going to scramble all of our brains and perhaps kill all human kind . This may or may not be true. You might want to find your aluminum foil hat but I'm not sure there's much we can do about it at this point. 5G. is coming so we might as well take advantage.

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