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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1959. Apple Pages file

Someone sent me a document created in Apple's Pages application. I can't open it on my PC. Is there any way I can view or edit it?

The simple answer is absolutely. Now although you cannot install the Pages application on your Windows computer that doesn't keep you from editing the file. One quick solution is to use Apple's own website. This site is built so that you can edit things online so all you need to do is log into your iCloud account which of course you don't have because you're a Windows user. So you'll need to create one but it's free. If you have an Apple phone or tablet you might already have an Apple account. If you don't create one it's free. I said that and then upload the file to your iCloud account. Once it's uploaded you can open it in pages on the website. It's simple to use. It's a simple word processor. I mean it does a lot but if you just want to edit the file it's real simple and you can do it for free on Don't be discouraged because you have a Windows P.C. and you can't open the pages document . You can. The same thing applies for Numbers or Keynote documents which are also Apple specific but are available for editing on

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