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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1960. Remote server support

I have a need to run applications on a server but I don't what to buy all of that hardware and software. Is there any way to get server type of computing without the hassle of owning?

Yes Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Services offer cloud support to run private computers that you can use for your business. Most often these computers are called Virtual Machines (VMs). They are complete computers like physical computers but they actual share a physical server with other virtual machines. You can also "rent" real physical computers but in most cases you would want to use VM's. These VMs can be Microsoft Operating Systems, as well as Linux, and even Apple. They can even be non-servers like Windows 10 or even Windows XP.

You can create your own Virtual network with many VMs connected together. You pay for the amount of computer time you use, data storage and internet connection data. You can have the computers automatically turn on and off at various times of the day or night. Basically you only pay for what you need. If your local computers need access to these cloud computers you must have reasonable internet connection speed to support the application.

For those of you that have had servers you know that the support and TLC can become expensive. You may need a backup computers and support equipment and where you have your computers must be air conditioned. If your power goes out you may need significant backup power. Many of these issues can go away by renting time on one of these cloud services. Also a great way to test new systems without interrupting you current system.

I have one client that ends up paying less per month to rent the cloud computer system that they were paying for just the extra electricity to run their in-house computers.

All of the cloud service companies offer redundancy for the computers, power and internet connections. The only real concerns that if the computer services are critical 24/7 concerns you may need a secondary internet connection. But give cloud services a look whether you need to test a new program on Windows 10 or a complete Domain network system.

Local companies in the area can help you determine if this type of service will work for you. Email for help finding one.

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