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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1961. Password issues with Outlook

All of a sudden I have had to enter my password in Outlook to get my email. It keeps asking over and over. Whats up?

This problem has been happening with many of my clients. The email service has been with many different ISP's like Yahoo, Office 365 and gmail. Here are some solutions.

To do any of these options you will need at least your email address and password. In addition you may need to search the internet to get the login details for accessing your email at your email service provider.

If your email service is with Office 365, the easiest way I found was to be on the computer that has Outlook installed. Then log into your Office 365 account using your browser. The URL to do this is .com. Enter you email address and password. Now within your browser you should see a "help" button popped up on the lower right of the browser window. Select this button and a pop-up will ask to define the problem. Say you have to enter your password over and over in Outlook.

Office 365 will then offer a number of options to correct the problem.

Other services may have similar options, but if all else fails you want to redefine your Outlook Profile. This is what you entered when you initially installed Outlook and gave it the information on how to connect to your email service.

The easiest way to create a new profile without losing your old one is to go to the Windows Control Panel. On that panel is an icon with the name Mail. Open that option. You will select New Profile and redefine the information to create a new Outlook profile.

This usually resolves the need to re-enter your password in Outlook.

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