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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1962. Fix or new computer

I have had more failures with computer hardware. Most of the computers have been 3-4 years old. What should I do. Get it fixed or buy a new computer?

3-4-5year computers are really ready to consider replacing. In many cases I find that fixing them costs more than getting a new one. A key issue when considering a new computer is really what do you do with the computer now vs. 4 years ago. You really might not need the same kind of computer and the horsepower.

Besides hardware causing your old computer slowing down are the updates that have been done over the 4 years. The operating system for both Apple and Microsoft have more an more things being done and that alone can cause a slowdown. Also ever time you go to a website, often that site will add "extensions" to your browser. This over time will also put additional loads on the computer. Search on the internet how to clean up extensions on your browser/computer.

If your current computer seems to be running slowly you may want to consider adding more memory or replacing the old spinning disk hard drive with the new all electronic SSD drives. On a typical computer the parts to do this can be can be around $120. In many cases you might try to replace these parts. A simple search on the internet can give you YouTube directions on how to do this. Check these directions to see if you can do the job. If not these steps shouldn't take more than an hour of time from a technician. So tuning up your old computer can cost around $200.00

Once you understand the needs if you determine that you should get a new computer start shopping.A new computer for typical desktop average type usage will cost you around $1000.00.

Some things to think about.

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