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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1963. Cost for backup

I want to re-install my Operating system. You suggest backing up first. Can you justify the cost?

Yes here we are telling everyone why they should backup their computers again. And yes we will.

I had another new client who called me to say suddenly their 3 year old computer was great one evening and the next morning it had that blue screen of death. Another disk drive failure. Sadly they had not listened to our rampage and did not have an image backup.

That image backup would have cost another $75 plus software. Well the software cost was not a valid reason because Windows 10 has built in image backup software. And you can get free copies of Macrium Reflect.

But yes the backup drive could cost around 60-75. When replacing the disk I asked for their Windows license code so I could install a new version of Windows. They didn't have it and no "label" was found. So not only did they need a new disk, we had to buy a Windows licence. There goes their cost of a backup drive. Please image backup.

And trust me the same problems will and do happen to your Mac. Spend an extra $60-75 for a backup drive and save yourself hundreds of dollars and data loss later.

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