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Sunday, December 16, 2018

1964. Bad software support

was having problems with my software product. I looked up on the internet and called the software support number. But I ended up having a $400 bill. Turns out I didn't get the real vendor but someone else.

Just because you search for a certain software support vendor, doesn't mean the search will result in talking to the official vendor you wanted.

Remember these search engines make money by putting solutions in your search results. Companies pay for key word placement. If your search has "quicken" in the search information, and the search engine is being paid more money from then they will end up above Intuit or quicken .com results. So if you search for "Quicken support" the search may very well list companies that are not the official Quicken support number. PLEASE take the time to read the search results. Not only look at the words but look at the URL that you will be taken to.

If I look for Quicken support, I do not want to go the a URL that isn't I am only using Quicken as an example.

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