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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1967. Ethernet ride.

I need to connect a device to my network using an Ethernet cable, rather than wirelessly. But I don't have a wired connection available to me. Is there some way to convert a wireless signal to a wired connection, so I can add this device to my network?

Again this is one of those questions that  is actually my question and it required some research to find a good answer to. At our rehearsal studio where I work we have wired connection one room and wireless in another but I needed to hook up a wired object to my network and didn't know how to do it. 

I found something called a wireless range extender. A range extender is useful for as it sounds like extending the range of your wireless network a range extender has wireless radios in it one to receive a signal and another to send out a signal to extend the wireless range and that's useful but not for this situation. 

The one I found from Netgear also has an Ethernet jack attached and it can act as an Ethernet bridge it connects the wireless network and receives the signal and then sends that signal through the cable to my device. So if you find yourself attempting to hook up a device which only accepts a wired connection to your wireless network look for a Netgear Range Extender . That device may be able to do the job for you

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