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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1968. Smart doors

I'm looking into smart locks for my doors, so that I can get into my house without using a key. I notice that some products support a technology called Z-wave, and others support Zigbee. Are these the same thing? Are they compatible? Will devices that work with one work with the other?

The short answer is no. In general is Z-wave and ZigBee are 2 completely different technologies and they do not work together. On the other hand there are hubs - that is products that act as a hub between them which will allow you to use both technologies. I would suggest picking one or the other for your smart products and sticking to the just that technology. 

Both technologies are short wave. That is short distance wireless technologies that use low power for connecting smart devices. The whole topic is new, complicated and boggles my mind. When I start to think about it I can never remember which feature of which product works with which technology. So pay  careful attention and understand that products that work with ZigBee won't necessarily work with Z-wave products.

For example I have a smart doorbell and smart lock on my door and the theory is since they both use Z-wave. If I see someone at the door in the video doorbell I should be able to unlock the door for them using remote control because they both use Z-wave technology.

Check it out - pay careful attention. They really are not compatible with each other in general. 

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