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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1969. 1GB service

I really would like to be able to stream movies at 4K resolution, so I signed up for Comcast's fastest service: 1Gigabyte. It seems like it's working, but when I test the speed using, we're only getting speeds like 300 or 400K , rather than the 1000K I was expecting. Am I getting cheated?

The 1st question for any sane human being is do you really need one gigabyte of throughput from Comcast? I ask this because I'm the one who signed up for the one gigabyte and yes I wonder sometimes if I'm sane or if I need one gigabyte

The fact is that for streaming 4K. videos you don't need that kind of throughput . On the other hand I download lots of big files and I'd like them to be as fast as possible. So I signed up for it. It didn't cost that much more than the lower level of service but the fact is when I signed up and when I got it installed I did a test and yes I was only getting 300-400K. and I asked the installer what was up and he said well let's try it on a wired connection not a wireless connection.

I was using my own wireless router and perhaps that was a problem. So I hooked my computer up to a wired connection and lo and behold I got very close to one gigabyte of throughput . So basically what I was paying for.

The problem is on wireless connections. You're often swamping at the speed that the wireless connection can offer. In other words the wireless connection itself can't offer a full gigabit of data throughput, so in my case I need better wireless not better Internet connection from Comcast. But really think about how much you really need in terms of throughput - a gigabyte might be overkill.

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