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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1970. More on Backups

I know I need to back up my computer, but I'm not organized enough to hook up a drive and do the backup. Is there some sort of way to automatically back up the computer regularly?

As you probably know if you've been listening to us for any length of time Doug and I are both fanatics about backing up our data. The worst thing that could happen in terms of data would be to lose it because of some catastrophic problem or just even a stupid key press. So we do a lot of backups.

 I'm very fond of online backups and use an online service that basically takes any changes to any file in my network and saves it on the cloud somewhere. At this time the service I use is no longer being offered for home users so I won't recommend it, but the most highly recommended service for online backups is called back blaze.

You can find them at  Their prices are reasonable and they work with both MAC and Windows. They don't work with Linux however so if that's an issue you won't be able to use them.

Check out for more information about performing automatic online backups.

Now nothing can take the place of a good local backup especially if you're doing an image backup of your entire hard drive. Online backups are always just file by file backups. So that if your computer got lost or ruined, he'd have to re-install the operating system, reinstall your applications, and then get your data from wherever it was backed up. But it's still better than not having a backup. So if you can't get yourself together to do a USB drive backup, online backup is the next best thing and perhaps even worth having in addition to a local backup.

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