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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1971. Is Beta better?

I noticed that I can download and install a beta version of Apple's latest version of iOS. I like the look of the new features. Should I install the beta and give it a try now?

Apple along with several other companies started the process of having public betas of their software a few years back. A beta release is called that because it isn't finished yet. It hasn't been tested and the short answer your question is no, matter how tempting it is, no matter how much you want the features, do not install beta software on your IOS device.

If you're a developer creating applications, sure you have to do that because you have to test them before you ship the application with the new version of the operating system. But for normal people like us beta versions of operating systems will only cause you heartache. I don't know how to say this enough times, it's tempting, it's free, it's flashy and shiny, don't do it. Don't ever install a beta operating system on your IOS. device.

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