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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1972. Other office products

What about other Office products like LibraOffice.

There are other options for Office type products. Some options are LibreOffice, Google Docs, MS Office Online, WPS Office and Polaris Office are a few.

The issue you may have with these options is the compatibility between them and the Microsoft full office product we are all familiar with. If the documents you create are kept within your control then you should have no problems using these products. If however you send or receive these documents with others, people may have a difficulty reading them or you may not be able to read their documents.

Of the 5 products I have only seen the first three. LibreOffice, Google docs, and Office online. I suggest looking at the Google docs and Office online for the best results. These products also do not allow yow you to download the products. They are only available online. So give Google docs, and Office Online a look to see if these may work for you.

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