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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1973.Battery - mouse/keyboard.

Suddenly my computer froze up. My mouse or keyboad stops working. I hope I don't need a new computer.

Mouse and Keyboard Batteries: Often a person thinks that their computer has locked up because they can’t move around with their mouse or the keyboard is slow to respond to typing.

If this happens, one thing you can try before you shut down and restart your computer is to put a new battery in your mouse when it won’t move, or in your keyboard when it appears to respond slowly to see if it will resolve the problem.

Often low batteries will create these issues. If you still see no response the next thing to try is a CTRL+ALT+Del key, hold them down for 5 seconds. If you get a menu that pops up see if you can select the Task Manager. In the resource tab list the applications by CPU with the highest on top.. You may have a rouge program that is using the CPU and if you can END Task that also may stop the problem. If all else fails hold the power button down for 10 seconds. That should cause it to boot. Do give the batteries a look first.

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