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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1978. Finder Files

When I open finder on my mac it always shows me a list of files I don't care about I really wanted to open up showing me the files on my desktop I get tired of manually changing to that folder is there some way to have finer automatically open to show me the files on my desktop.

As someone who tends to store all my new documents either on my desktop or on my Dropbox folder I completely understand.

The solution is to open finder, go to the preferences for finder, and then into preferences. Under the general tab look for the option where you can select a new Finder window.  You can change that to be any folder you like including your personal folder, the desktop, your Documents folder, or any folder you might want to use that way. 

When you open a Finder window it will open to your selected folder instead of what your mac wants to use. 

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