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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1980. Signature black in text and email

Every time I send an email there's a Text appended to the end of it indicating the program I used to send the e-mail.  I really don't want that there. Is there some way to change or remove this text?

Pretty much every email program allows you to set up a signature that you append to the end of every text message and most email applications have a default value for that signature or in your case obviously that default value is indicating what application was used to create the email. It's just free advertising for them.

You'll need to look in the options for your email and it might be in the options for your account within that email application to look for signatures. There you can delete it change it or make up your own a signature that you'd like to see appended to every message.

For example: I have Ken Getz attached to the end of every message so I don't have to type who it's from every single time. You can make up fancier signatures.  Doug uses one that has his company name and information and a disclaimer in his signature. It's up to you but you certainly don't have to use the paid advertising that you see in your e-mail outbox.

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