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Sunday, March 31, 2019

1982. Copied on email threads? Get off of them.

I use G.-Mail and I recently got involved in an email thread with a lot of people and everyone kept responding. I got a ton of emails and I'm still getting emails from this thread. Is there any way to remove myself so I stop getting stupid emails?

I don't care about you've heard this from us before but the most important tip we can give about using email as a human being is never use Reply all unless everyone really needs to see the response. That's the 1st crime being committed here, 2nd if you just want to remove yourself from this thread which lots of people are breaking the law and using reply all it's pretty simple in G. Mail. Select one of the messages in this thread that find the little 3 dot menu above the list of messages or in your version of G. mail it might say more. Select that and find the mute option you can mute a thread and even though the thread will continue you won't hear any more about it. You won't get any more messages in that thread so you'll be rid of the family squabbles about where to go to dinner next Wednesday.

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