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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2006. Browser start page

Published by Ken.

When I first open my browser, I'd love it if the start page showed me a list of sites I generally visit, so I can just click links to take me to my favorite sites. Is there some way to set this up?

Back in the day I used Yahoo as my start page because it would allow me to set up various widgets on the page that would take me places that I wanted to go or display information I wanted to see.

Google had a feature like this as well and I switched to that for a while but I no longer use Yahoo and Google killed the feature as they do with many of their features from year to year. 

At this point I use a start page feature called You can go on your web browser create a free account and it will allow you to set up links to whatever pages you want. There's lots of free widgets you can use on that page. It's pretty easy to set up,  it's free,  and it works great. So I would suggest looking at There are several other Start page sites out there some of them display pretty pictures others do other features. I just want to list of links I can go to so check that out

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