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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2010. Saved email addresses in Outlook.

I use Outlook to send/receive my email. When I type a new email, I start typing the address and I can fill in the choices. How do I maintain this?

Type-ahead vs. Contacts. MS Outlook has this great feature called AutoComplete or type-ahead.

When you are creating your email and you start to type the addressee Outlook provides a list of email addresses. This list is made up from all the email addresses you have entered over time. This list is not the same as your Contacts list. And if you change computers or even if modify the Outlook profile you may lose this list.

Some people are lost without it. The good news is the autocomplete list is stored as a file. But you have to find it and copy it over to your new system. Depending on the version of Outlook you are coming from or going to this technique to copy it changes. So you have to search for those details. You can import the autocomplete list from your contacts, search for this option as well. Since this is not something normally done please make plans to include this in any changes to your Outlook mail system.

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