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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2011. Picture of computer screen?

Picture of computer screen. What's the best way?

Snipping tool, Snagit, GreenShot, Cell phone!!! There are a number of tools available to capture all or parts of your Windows screen. But there is a way to do this without the tools.

Yes use your cell phone. Sometimes this is easier that the tools available. Windows 10 has a built in tool called Snipping Tool. Snagit is a great tool, and GreenShot. They all have similar features like the whole screen, specific windows, and using the tools to copy a specific area.

They also give you the ability to do basic editing and saving to files, email, and the the clipboard. All are easy to use and make it easy to send that image to your support person so they have a clear idea of the problem you may have.

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