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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2014. Apple credit

Published by Ken.

I've heard lots of excitement about Apple's credit card, coming out in Summer 2019. It's just a credit card! Why is anyone interested? And should I get one?

If you're really into Apple you'll probably just rush out and get one. The deal is if you like instant gratification the card generally is approved right away if it's going to be approved. If Apple pay is generally available where you shop, if you like simple rewards because this card gives you 3 percent back for purchases made at Apple and 1.5 percent everywhere else. If you sometimes miss payment deadlines, well Apple is forgiving on this. It's probably a good deal.

It's all handled through Apple's wallel App and it's simple to use the card. If you use Android. If you want travel rewards. If you can't use Apple Pay or if you'd like to add a 2nd authorized user it's probably not a good fit for you.

The card is great for Apple users it's not really very interesting for other people. The cards not currently available as we record this but will be available soon. I'll probably get one why not it's free and it will give me a good discount on future Apple products.

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