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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2015. Free Ink?

Ken really posted this.

When I got a new HP printer, the installation tried to convince me to sign up for HP's Instant Ink program. I declined then, Should I reconsider? Can this ever be a good deal?

H.P.'s instant program is a program where they'll send you a cartridge when you need it and they charge you per print that you make. If your printer supports instant and if you don't print much at all the Free Level is a great deal. It gives you up to 15 pages per month for free. So you'll never pay for ink if you use an instant ink printer use the instant ink program and you only print up to 15 pages per month.

That's great if you need to print a form occasionally or print a label. The moment a single letter of print ends up on a piece of paper they charge you for one piece of paper so you get 15 of those a month for free. 50 pages for month is $3. 100 pages per month is $5.00 and it goes up from there. Going over budget can cost as much as $0.10 per page so you need to be careful and really a page means anything you print on a piece of paper even if it's just one letter.

Using the service requires that your printer be connected to the Internet at all times. So for light users this is a great deal if your printer supports it

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