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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2016. Add basic apps to your PC and MAC

Posted by Ken.

I was thinking of getting a new Windows PC, and I have a lot of downloaded apps I'll need to reinstall. Is there some easy way to find and install all the downloadable applications I need to use?

If you like me you have a bunch of public domain and shareware applications on your computer like your web browsers, perhaps your messaging applications. You have some media applications like Audacity or the Netflix application, maybe use Dropbox for online storage. All of these can be downloaded for free from the internet but you have to go one by one and get them installed on a new computer.

There is a website for Windows P.C.'s that makes this extremely easy it's called . It allows you just to check off the applications you want installed tell it to go and it just installs them all on your computer for you. It's a simple way to get all the applications you need. This only works for Windows P.C.'s. However for MAC applications you'll need to find a website called does basically the same thing is except for MAC computers. It's a great way to get your new computer set up quickly.

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