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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2017. Keep my email address at comcast?

Posted by Ken.

I have an email address at Comcast, and I'm thinking of switching ISPs. I hate to lose that email address, as it's my main email address. If I leave Comcast, can I continue to use my Comcast email address?
We've said over the years many many times that if you have an ISP that provides you with an email address you should perhaps think about using a different email address for this very problem. If you use an email address at and then leave Comcast do you have to change your email address?

Well it turns out that you really don't have to change it even if you aren't using Comcast as your ISP. I checked on this and Comcast allows you to keep the email address if you visited the email address that is logged into it within 90 days of switching from Comcast to some other ISP and you'll need to check your e-mail at least once every 9 months to keep it active. But if you do those things Comcast will let you keep the email address active.

I can't speak to other ISP's. You'll have to check with them individually, but for Comcast that's how it works. So yes you can keep that wonderful email address even after you move on to a different ISP.

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