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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2019. 6 numbers not really enough any more.

I haven't been using a lock code on my phone. Do I really need one? How long should it be?

6 numbers not really enough any more.

The default for most phones is a 4 digit lock code that's laughably
 simple to break into. Honestly people can look at the grease spots on your phone and know what your 4 digits are. Then it's a very quick process of guessing what order you use those 4 digits. 

So 4 digits not enough, 6 digits really isn't enough. 

These days given the availability of software that will break into your phone you need to at least use an 8 digit pass code if you're concerned about the security of the contents of your phone.
I know you say to yourself I'm never anywhere where I don't have my phone with me and if I left it somewhere I would immediately know.  Sure you can believe that if you like,  but put a pass code on it, sooner or later you'll be glad you did.

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