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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2023 Desktop access from other computers?

I want to go to another computer to have my same desktop and applications. How?

This can be interesting, and difficult at the same time. If you are in a Domain network environment, there is a option to have Roaming Profiles. So if you go to another computer in the domain office your desktop will follow you.

If you are not in the Domain office environment and need this ability with multiple computers you can set up an account at Microsoft's Azure cloud system to accomplish this.

But I think you really are interested in having the ability from another computer to actually access your computer and run your system remotely. Malibu Software uses this technique to support their clients. We use TeamViewer. I can access (with my clients permission) all the computers remotely.

But you as an individual have other options. Windows comes with Remote Desktop. If you turn this feature on your home computer you can access that computer from anywhere. There are also other companies that provide this ability like VNC, GoToMyPC and more. Some are free if you do this for personal reasons. These products offer secure remote access and I have used this many times in my business and personal needs. Great options.

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