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Sunday, August 18, 2019

2024 Large Attachments or links?

Emails with large attachments. How can I send people large attachments.

The cell phones have provided great photos with great quality. We also create some very large attachments that we need to send to others. But most email systems have a limit to the size of an attachment(s). It you send this to someone you might not know if they ever received it.

There are better ways. Especially if you have limited bandwidth. If you have gmail, it can automatically replace the attachment in your email, store it in the cloud and replace it in the email with a link to the file. This way the person receiving the attachment can download it at their convenience instead of using up their streaming Netflix.

There are other ways to send large attachments. If you use DropBox, OneDrive, or Google drive, you can put those files in your cloud storage and send the links in the email. Give this some thought in the future when you try to send your 26GB MP4 video of the cat to your friends.

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